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Investment profile CityLink

The last six months we have acquired 39 last-mile/light industrial properties, together with our partner HighBrook (US investment manager), for our CityLink portfolio.

Our aim for this year is to at least double this portfolio. We are therefore looking for properties that meet the following criteria:


  • Light Industrial / Last-Mile / Distribution centres
  • Starting from 4,000 l.f.a. (Preferably larger with the possibility to create units)
  • Investment volume > EUR 4,000,000 k.k. 
  • Randstad and Eindhoven (± 30 km around the 4 largest cities and ± 20 km around Eindhoven)
  • Good accessibility (public transport and car)
  • Sufficient outside area (including parking facilities for employees)
  • Sufficient loading docks/ ground level doors (or the possibility to create them)
  • Empty or (partly) let


  • Bid within a few days
  • No restrictions on financing
  • 4 weeks due diligence
  • Signing of SPA and transfer of ownership one week after completion of Due Diligence

If you have such a proposition in your portfolio or know of one, we would like to receive information via: and/or In case of purchase, we will be happy to compensate you.

You will receice our first reaction within two working days after receipt of the information.

If you have any questions or would like further clarification, please feel free to contact us directly at: 06 – 527 299 98 (Martijn) or 06 – 224 834 23 (Fleur).