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AMS Cargo Center: the new distribution center at Schiphol

January 9, 2019

“Realizing a building like this in just 17 months is quite unique. That is possible but only if you have a super-tight schedule and when all involved parties work very closely together. A compliment to all of those involved is therefore appropriate.” Says Joffrey Lagaunne from Proptimize. Together with Michel Mulders from Built to Build he tells how the brand new AMS Cargo Center at Schiphol Logistics Park started.

It is a coming and going of trucks and construction workers at AMS Cargo Center in mid-May. These are the last steps, because on 1 June the first three of a total of five units will be delivered and the last two will follow at the end of July. Then a high-quality multi-tenant distribution center of approximately 34,000 square meters on a plot of 5.9 hectares will be finished and delivered. It is a development of Distri Development, a joint-venture between Proptimize and Built to Build. Since the start of this collaboration in 2014, Michel Mulders and Joffrey Lagaunne have been developing various projects. “Within Distri Development we combine our knowledge and expertise in the field of logistics developments”, explains Michel. “I bring my technical and architectural experience and Joffrey mainly takes care of the commercial aspects.”

Ideal sizes
Just back in time. It is March 2017 when Distri Development starts talking to IWS (Independent World Services) about the development of a logistics building of approximately 9,000 square meters. In May there is a Letter of Intent was agreed and a signed lease agreement at the beginning of July, after which the construction work starts in October. Joffrey says that together with this first tenant, they have further designed and developed the plan. “We have chosen the ideal sizes and proportions for a distribution center and for a maximum stacking height of 12.2 meters. Many parties will not use this height initially, but we expect that in the long term it will become very important to optimally utilize all square meters.”

Flexibility as a spearhead
The entire complex of approximately 34,000 square meters consists of five individual units from 4,000 to 6,000 square meters. “But it is so flexible that we can offer the remainder as a single unit of approximately 17,000 square meters”, explains Joffrey. Flexibility appears to be a spearhead within AMS Cargo Center in several areas. In order to adequately respond to the need for warehouse meters, indoor walls can easily be slid in, creating ideal dimensions. For the office space, extra space can easily be created on the mezzanine floor. Experience shows that the need for office space is often limited, but in the future there will be more need than can simply be responded to.

Read the full (Dutch) article in Cargo Magazine on page 14.



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